In the healthcare field, professionals will experience a variety of moments that call for celebration and others that call for mourning. Especially for those who have to deliver bad news to patients quite frequently, it is possible they can grow numb to the bad news and deliver it to their patients with a lack of emotion. However, being able to empathize with your patients is actually a valuable asset to have in the industry. When thought about more deeply, there is much importance to being compassionate in the healthcare field. 

Provides Better Service

As a healthcare provider, you should care about the type of service your patients are receiving. While it can be emotionally taxing for healthcare professionals to have to deal with complex situations and give out bad news on a regular basis, and many have put up walls to leave their emotions out of this, it is still necessary to show compassion and care for your patients and their families. 

When patients feel an emotional response from you, no matter how devastating the news, they will feel a lot more comfort than if you did not show them any compassion. Whether you can identify with the patient’s situation or not, it is still equally important to show this care. However, when you can identify with the patient’s situation, this offers an opportunity to empathize with them on a deeper level. Being able to do so will bring the patient some level of comfort and make them feel more comfortable going through their health journey with you.

It Can Have a Healing Effect

What many may not know is that science-backed evidence has proven that patients encounter a physiological state in the body when they feel cared for. As a result of these interpersonal connections with their healthcare providers, it positions the patients’ bodies in a better state for healing. This isn’t to say showing compassion to your patients will cure them of cancer. However, if your empathetic connection with them will lower their blood pressure, relieve some anxiety and boost the immune system, then why wouldn’t you want them to experience these positive effects? The old saying of “compassion goes a long way” could not be truer when it comes to healthcare.

Differentiates Your Establishment from Others

Not every hospital or healthcare establishment is committed to hiring and training staff that show compassion to its patients. Ultimately, if your establishment is not practicing this type of service, your patients may decide to take their health concerns elsewhere. Having a compassionate team of people will differentiate your establishment from others and create an environment that patients feel comfortable returning to, even if it is for a less than ideal reason. Ultimately, there is no harm in treating your patients the way you would wish to be treated if you were in their situation.